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  • What area/ suburb do you work in?
    We are centered in West Melbourne, covering all of Melbourne.
  • How do I get my photos?
    Once the photos are finished. You will get a link in your email account to the Google Drive folder where you get access to all of the photos.
  • How many photos are included in my photoshoot?
    For Events it ranges from 100-250 photos. For Portraits it ranges from 50-100 photos. For Live Music it ranges from 20-50 photos.
  • How long does it take for my photos?
    Less than 1 week. If the photos take a little longer than usual. An email will be sent to you giving updates as they are in post-processing.
  • What are your payment options?
    Payments are accepted through PayPal, Bank Transfer or PayID.
  • I want to hire you but the time slot isn't available on your website
    Email with your desired day/s and time, and we can manually book you in.
  • I don't use PayPal, how can I book one of your sessions?
    Email and we will manually book you in with a bank transfer/ PayID.
  • Cancellation Policy
    To cancel or reschedule you will need to give at least 72 hours’ notice in advance. To request a refund of payment/s made within the 72 hours, a late fee will be deducted, compromising of 50% of payment made.
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